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    21 Clever Humans Who Saw An Opportunity And Did Not Disappoint

    Every single person in this post radiates Big Brain Energy™️.

    1. The brilliant person who designed these clever envelopes:

    2. This person, who had a great idea and really hooked onto it:

    3. The creative human who designed undeniably the cutest tea bag in existence:

    4. This divorce lawyer with a sense of humor:

    5. The person who rightfully decided milk cartons should be fun:

    6. This artist who really worked with his surroundings:

    7. This person who made this subtle yet clever hidden logo:

    8. This person who refused to have boring bike racks:

    9. This designer who had a truly bright idea:

    10. This person, who said, "fire extinguisher...but make it ✨fun✨":

    11. The person behind this Black Mirror ad that deserves a full round of applause:

    12. This clever person who made a barrier that was safe and stylish:

    13. The person who came up with this clever little detail:

    14. The genius behind these anti-littering ads that don't hold back:

    15. The clever human who came up with this super smart billboard:

    16. The designer who whipped up this sweet, sweet cookie packaging:

    17. The person who made sure everything down to the floor tiles in this museum was on brand:

    18. The human who brought this sign from basic to brilliant with just one little triangle:

    19. The person behind this clever watch ad:

    20. This incredible human who designed this earbud packaging that is chef's kiss:

    21. And finally, this designer who saw an opportunity and did not disappoint:

    h/t: r/DesignPorn