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    Bowen Yang's SNL "Weekend Update" Character Is 4 Minutes And 35 Seconds Of Pure Serotonin

    Bowen Yang Emmy nomination when???

    Hello, I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to show you an SNL sketch so funny, it gave me a large and immediate boost of serotonin. For your sake and mine, it's very important that you watch this.


    On Saturday night, actual icon Bowen Yang went on "Weekend Update" as The Iceberg That Sank The Titanic, and it was nothing short of perfect. Allow me to give you a little peak of this absolutely *chef's kiss* performance.

    Bowen dressed in a white suit and blue turtleneck with white face makeup and iceberg headpiece

    This week is the anniversary of the Titanic sinking, so Colin Jost decided to get the Iceberg's side of the story on the whole ~killing over 1,500 people~ thing. And, well, that was NOT the Iceberg's plan here.


    Colin obviously wasn't gonna let it go, so the Iceberg decided to set the record straight once and for all.

    The iceberg said the Titanic showed up where he lived and half of his ass ended up missing

    Listen, he made some points.

    The iceberg pointed out that people died due drowning not the iceberg


    And finally, once that very unnecessary conversation was out of the way, the Iceberg got to what really mattered — a performance from the future Grammy-winning album, Music.


    There are genuinely no song lyrics more poetic and heartfelt than "Wine me, dine me! I had an early lunch but I'm hungry for you, lover boy!"

    Bowen's character was definitely a standout moment of the night in my opinion. And if Twitter is any indication, I'm not alone in feeling that way, either:

    I wonder if Bowen Yang’s back hurts from carrying SNL

    Twitter: @museummammy

    i would backstroke through hot lava for bowen yang

    Twitter: @jennyyangtv

    I can’t wait for his name to be Emmy Winner Bowen Yang

    Twitter: @liamgareau

    Let's please take a moment to thank Bowen and SNL writer Anna Drezen for this god-tier sketch.

    Genuine stupid joy to write this impossibly stupid but with Bowen Yang who is the Celine Dion of comedy. He delivers!!!

    In conclusion: The iceberg is innocent and Bowen Yang deserves the whole dang world.


    You can watch the whole glorious 4 minutes and 30 seconds below:

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