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    17 "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Jokes For Anyone Who's Been Playing It Nonstop

    Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by the Animal Crossing tarantulas.

    Being stuck at home can get pretty boring, but lucky for us Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out last Friday to make us all feel a little more sane. Along with it came some hilarious jokes from the AC community too! Here are some of the very best:



    ppl who never played animal crossing are like “so what do you DO?” bro nothing we literally just vibing. i caught a fish then sat on a tree stump. i’m on cloud nine over here


    I am a: ⚪️male ⚪️female 🔘animal crossing islander Seeking: ⚪️male ⚪️female 🔘30 iron nuggets


    *gives blathers a fish* Blathers: hoo! what a fantastic specimen! a glorious elegant creature! thank you very much!! *gives blathers a bug* Blathers: what the FUCK is that FUCKING DIGUSTING thing oh i mean,,. thank you for th🤢🤢 the bu 🤢🤢🤢 the inse 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮


    Some fans: “I wish Animal Crossing brought back the rude villager personalities” New Horizons:


    tom nook: oh hey ur back early how was fishing villager: island's haunted tom nook: what? villager: *loading a pistol and going back out of the tent* island's haunted


    who decided that animal crossing multiplayer was a good idea. location please. i just wanna talk.


    tom nook: do u mind if i invite my old museum curator friend, blathers? me, visibly sobbing: you tell that old son of a bitch to come home


    me playing animal crossing in the middle of the night hunting tarantulas


    animal crossing villager: [cute garbled nonsense] me:


    Animal crossing players on day 2:


    fishing in animal crossing me: throws my bobber in the water fish:


    Ppl who refuse to time skip in acnh


    when i'm talking to my neighbor and they give me a DIY recipe #ACNH


    Me arriving at my animal crossing island when it's 12 AM and all my villagers are already asleep


    im ready for him.. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH


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