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    What Is Frankie Muniz Up To These Days?

    Here's the answer to the most universal of questions.

    Do you ever have those moments?

    You know, where you wonder "What is Frankie Muniz up to these days?"

    It's been 13 years since "Malcolm in the Middle" first aired in January 2000!

    Well, he retired at 19 with $40 million in the bank:

    He took up racecar driving!

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    ...and was real humble about it.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Read more here.

    He also got engaged!

    Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

    ...but they broke up. < /3

    Now he's engaged to another chick!

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Aside from a dramatic domestic dispute last February, everything is dandy.

    He also joined an alt-rock band, Kingsfoil.

    ...why is he standing so far away?

    He was "honored" to see some misguided dude get inked with his signature.

    Witnessing a guy get my signature tattooed on his leg! I'm so honored!! Amazing! Haha! #treephort

    He had a mini-stroke at the end of November...

    Too much turkey?

    But he was strong enough to prevail!

    Above all else, he's traveling...

    A lot!

    Positively jetsetting.

    Maybe he actually lives in airports?

    Nah...I guess he's a first-class dude.

    Keep up the globe-trotting, Frankie!

    And don't forget to follow him on the new Myspace?

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