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40 Best Protest Signs Of 2012

SOPA, Pussy Riot, NATO, and Chick-fil-A. Many great protest signs were raised in 2012.

1. SOPA/PIPA tech activists in New York:

2. Protesters outside a Coalition for Marriage conference in England:

3. An anti-fracking demonstration in front of the EPA headquarters:

4. Calling for peace in the Middle East:

5. Celebrating the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street:

6. Seen on someone's drive to work:

7. "I didn't come from your rib, you came from my uterus" at Slutwalk São Paolo:

8. Westboro Baptist Church protest on the same night as a football game:

9. A student rally in London:

10. Protesters beside a Chick-fil-A food truck:

11. A student protest in Montreal:

12. Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan's Union Square:

13. An anti–Westboro Church protest:

14. Anti-nuclear demonstrations in Tokyo:

15. Medical marijuana protest in Oakland:

16. Taken in San Francisco:

17. Tegan & Sara for Under The Radar magazine's Protest Auction:

18. "Save the Humans" at a pro-life protest in Uruguay:

19. A pro-choice sign at an anti–40 Days for Life rally:

20. Protests against NATO in Chicago:

21. In response to Mitt Romney's comments on Big Bird:

22. Anti-nuclear protest in solidarity with Fukushima:

23. Anti-SOPA/PIPA demonstration in January:

24. Protests against San Francisco's nudity ban:

25. "Off to Narnia, I'd rather be governed by a lion," seen in Spain:

26. Wal-Mart strike in Los Angeles:

27. Pussy Riot supporters in New York:

28. Protesters at the NATO Summit in Chicago:

29. Occupy L.A. in August:

30. May Day in New York:

31. NATO Summit:

32. CNN Republican presidential debate in January:

33. The ubiquitous "Free Pussy Riot" sign in London:

34. A nationwide demonstration against the sale of public assets in New Zealand:

35. Long Beach, New York, after Hurricane Sandy:

36. A demonstration outside of the Goldman Sachs headquarters:

37. Occupy Denver:

38. New Yorkers calling for peace in the Middle East:

39. NATO Summit in Chicago:

40. And the worst burn of all...