Japan Has Found The Solution To Emotional Eating

Today is World Smile Day! Celebrate by installing this brilliantly aggravating device on your refrigerator. :D

1. The “Happiness Counter” is a device that you attach to your refrigerator.

2. It scans your face to detect a smile. That smile helps unlock the magical sustenance within your fridge!

Developed at the University of Tokyo, the Happiness Counter is founded on the idea that smiling contributes to mental well-being.

The device is meant to facilitate smiling more often in the humdrum of daily life—especially in the lives of single householders.

4. Check out the technology in action:

5. Ugh, this fridge is so hard to open.

It requires more than just lightly tugging on the handle, ugh.

6. Now it’s effortless!! :)

Smiling makes life so much easier!

7. :) :) :)

The smile lasts even beyond opening the door! Incredible!

8. Such endorphins!

Happy World Smile Day! :)

Via en.rocketnews24.com

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