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    An Open Love Letter To The State Of Utah

    You are so pretty it hurts.

    Oh, Utah.

    You are more than NSA data storage facilities.

    George Frey / Via Getty Images

    You are more than chemical and biological weapons testing grounds.

    Reuben Strayer / Via Flickr: cutey5

    You are perfection incarnate.

    Zion National Park / Keith Levitt / Via

    You are filled with manly sheep-herding cowboys.

    Angela Meiquan Wang

    Even better, you are filled with SHEEP.

    Your waters were clearly conjured with magic.

    The Great Salt Lake / Via

    Your mountains are the bosoms of goddesses.

    Mount Timpanogos / Rick Laverty / Via

    You are so cool.

    Boing! Anarchist Collective / Salt Lake City

    So SEXY.

    Dinosaur Park, Ogden, UT / Via Flickr: hcriswell

    dinosaurs are sexy, ok??

    So wild.

    You are a free spirit.

    Jay Whitemire / Via Flickr: twopoos

    There is NO ONE like you.

    Bryce Canyon National Park / Via

    Like, seriously.

    The Spiral Jetty / Box Elder, UT / Dia Art Foundation

    You are so diverse.

    Tom Reichner

    Blue Ice least, in terms of fauna.

    Your deer look like THIS.

    Sam Scholes / Via

    *heart explodes*

    You glow with the light of the heavens.

    Bettina Woolbright / Via Flickr: woolbright

    You are lovely even in your decay.

    Abandoned Railroad in Provo / Angela Meiquan Wang

    It's time for us, Utah.

    Anton Oparin / Via