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    32 Imaginative And Beautifully Designed Maps

    Maps reinvented artistically.

    1. New York City Quilt by Haptic Lab

    2. Typographic World Map by Design Ahoy

    3. Urban Carpet by Marcella Campa & Stefano Avesani

    4. Meat world map by Elvira Rajek

    5. Hand-crafted street maps by Karen O’Leary

    6. "Made in America" cast iron skillets by FeLion Studios

    7. Mexico City paper sculpture map by Matthew Picton

    8. Laser cut wood maps of underwater topography by Below the Boat

    9. Blinking City by Marcella Campa & Stefano Avesani

    10. Oslo Ceramic Coasters by Anders Hansen

    11. Recycled computer world map by Susan Stockwell

    12. LOTR-style map of America by redditor Jvlivs

    13. Topographical Lego map of NYC by JR Schmidt

    14. Brooklyn map pillow by Melissa Corwin

    15. World coin map by Swedish design firm Bedow

    16. Another currency map, by redditor The310Investigator

    17. Papercut map of London by Famille Sumemrbelle

    18. Screen printed papercut map of Paris by Famille Summerbelle

    19. City tiles by Renata Rubim

    20. United States bookshelf by Ron Arad

    21. "Cartographies" by Jennifer Maravillas

    22. London Underground circuit radio map by Yuri Suzuki

    23. Typographic Chicago map by Axis Maps

    24. Hong Kong Landcarpet by Florian Pucher

    25. "Mapkins" by Soft Cities

    26. "The City Slipper" by Swims

    27. Munich by Lu Xinjian

    28. Chipped away world map by Jean Denant

    29. London Underground string map by Dan Coffey

    30. "World Trip" fish tank by Takuro Yamamoto

    31. Tundra quilt by Leah Evans

    32. Real-time wind map by