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    Posted on Sep 28, 2012

    31 Not-So-Humble Abodes For Cats

    Buy or DIY your cat's dream home. Meow!

    1. The Shark

    2. The Rocket

    3. The Milk Carton

    By these designers, but not yet on the market.

    4. The Surreptitious Tank

    Discontinued, but worth a DIY!

    5. The Woodsy Cabin

    6. The Jungle Paradise

    7. The Ghetto Blaster

    Looks pretty easy to DIY.

    8. The Elegant "Cattino"

    9. The Royal Box

    10. The Spherical Lair

    11. The "Starfruit" House

    12. The Grassy Tower

    DIY in Finnish.

    13. The Schoolhouse

    14. The Teepee

    15. The Ikea Tent

    Originally $7 from Ikea, but sadly no longer available.

    16. The Modernist Cube

    17. The Derpy Fish

    Buy this sewing pattern to DIY.

    18. The Mario Tube

    19. The Dome

    20. The Vintage Television Set

    21. The Tassled Cabana

    22. The Leo Kempf

    Attempt an ambitious DIY.

    23. The Dark Tower

    24. The Rooftop Garden

    25. The Nest

    Only 980 Euros to pamper your basic tiger cub.

    26. The Hammock House

    27. The Hand-Blown Glass Den

    Currently unavailable, much to the relief of most cats.

    28. The TARDIS

    DIY for the highly skilled.

    29. The Cat Tube

    30. The "Kitty Meow"

    31. The Cottage Tower

    O. M. G.

    Brb, pitching the spin-off series Cat Cribs to MTV.

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