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22 Things That Shouldn't Be Made Out Of Gold

Rich people are OUTRAGEOUS.

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4. Barbecue Grills / Via

$164,000. Grilling surface aside, every component of this is plated with 24-karat gold. Not sure if the BBQ grease would ruin this after one use, or give it an even more luxurious sheen.

5. Entire bathrooms

Mike Clarke / Getty Images

Found in the Hang Fung Gold Technology showroom in Hong Kong. Customers can use the 900 lb solid gold toilet for $128. Who could resist that opportunity to upper deck?

8. Shirts / Via

White velvet, 3.2-karat gold, and Swarovski crystal buttons, commissioned by 32-year-old Indian moneylender Datta Phuge to impress ladies. It only set him back $22,400! Worth it? Worth it.


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