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    21 Antique Limbs For The Early Amputee

    This is what prosthetics looked like before the robotics era. Could you imagine wearing one of these eerie implements?

    1. Iron Arm, 1560-1600

    2. Prosthetic leg, 1918

    3. Hinged metal arm, 1500s

    4. Hip disarticulation leg, 1928

    5. Leather boot leg, 1891

    6. Victorian-era eating utensil arm

    7. Aluminum rivet leg, leather foot

    8. 19th-century wooden leg

    9. 19th century wood & cast iron leg

    10. 19th century wooden prosthetic foot

    11. 16th century iron prosthetic hand

    12. Early 19th century artificial arm, made from the barrel of a rifle

    13. Functional prosthetic big toe, 600 BC

    14. 18th century wrought iron tutorial leg

    15. Leather prosthetic hand

    16. "Openshaw" prosthetic hand, 1916-1918

    17. Prosthetic left leg, 1914-1918

    18. Female jointed hand, 19th century

    19. DIY artificial leg, 1940

    20. Iron hand, c. 1580

    21. French prosthetic arm set