15 Ways To Wear Pizza

A complete guide to donning everyone’s favorite food.

1. 1. For The Entry-Level Enthusiast

2. 2. For The Footed

3. 3. For The Showboat

4. 4. For The Cold Weather Showboat

5. 5. For The Engaged-To-Be-Married

6. 6. For The Low-Profile

7. 7. For The Infant

8. 8. For The Fetishist

9. 9. For The Neck

10. 10. For Legs

11. 11. For The Fashionista

12. 12. For The Cat

13. 13. For The Satanist

14. 14. For The Truly Dedicated

15. 15. For The Future

To my knowledge, the Pizzakini does not yet exist. Will a seamstress please take note of this post?

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