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    Homeowners Share Costs They Weren't Expecting In The Process Of Getting Their Homes

    Buying a home is a much more complicated process than it seems.

    Buying a home, big or small, rural or luxurious, is a huge freaking accomplishment.

    woman leans head on partner's shoulder as they sit on the porch of the house they just bought or sold

    If you find yourself there or are aspiring to get there, feel proud of the fact that your hard work is going toward something that is no small feat.

    All that said, buying a home is an arduous project. There's not a lot of transparency, and it's socially seen as a weird thing to talk about. Many times, people don't know what to expect until they're going through the process themselves.

    As a result, a lot of little details come up that people aren't anticipating, simply because no one talks about the process. It can cause a lot of confusion if you don't know what's reasonable or not, and in some cases, it can even cost you a deal.

    I've been there, and I hear you, and I'm here to talk some of the mystery out of that process. I scoured Reddit to see what costs and fees snuck up on people while buying homes so you can be in the know.

    1. Find out what property taxes are like in your desired area.

    little houses on a calculator

    2. Putting down less than 20%? You'll need Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

    realtor looking at documents

    3. Closing costs can be a pretty penny.

    office supplies and journal that says closing costs on it

    4. Mortgage companies can under or overestimate your taxes.

    5. Get a good look at the pipes.

    woman holding pipe while on the phone, looking concerned

    6. Congrats on closing, now change the locks.

    replacing locks

    7. Those little things you think you can ignore may get to you down the road — and cost you.

    8. Painting/wallpapering/etc. costs more than you think.

    painting a new home

    9. So does lawn care/landscaping.

    woman mowing her lawn in beautiful garden

    10. And if you have sprinklers?

    sprinkler spraying water on lawn

    11. Expect the unexpected. Things that work when you first try them can break down.

    change in emergency fund jar

    12. The full cost of utilities is no joke.

    man looking at utility bill

    13. The cost of keeping yourself going through the process is something to consider.

    couple eating takeout on the floor with their dog during moving

    14. Time is a huge hidden cost that most people don't consider.

    couple laying on the couch in the middle of moving

    Of course, there's even more that will vary by your location, down payment amount, different incentives available to you, and more. Point being DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

    Have any stories of things we missed here? Enlighten those on this journey in the comments.