15 Ethical Shopping Tips For People Who Realized That Everything Is Low-Key Unethical

    Spend money in a way you can feel good about.

    Being a conscious consumer is really important. Many of us could be doing more when it comes to making sure that our money supports items and brands that are ethical and sustainable.

    Teenager shopping in supermarket, reading product information

    If you're confused about the difference between the two, allow me to clarify. Ethically made items are made without using any unethical processes and materials and without engaging in unethical treatment of people, communities, and animals.

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    Sustainable products don't deplete nonrenewable resources or harm the environment and are also made with social responsibility in mind.

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    Here are some tips for how you can change your shopping habits to be more ethical and sustainable.

    1. Learn about fibers and fabrics.

    close up of knit fibers

    2. Think strategy, not quantity.

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    3. Consider what you really use.

    woman examining items from her closet

    4. Learn about what brands are doing things ethically.

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    5. Stop buying from the ones that don't.

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    6. Don't forget to think about worker treatment.

    textile factory

    7. Check out things that are locally made.

    Shot of a fashionable Southeast Asian woman looking through second-hand clothes hanging on a clothing rack while visiting a local charity bazaar

    8. Pay attention to packaging when you're purchasing things that will be shipped to you.

    woman taking a sweater out of a package

    9. Consignment stores and apps are your friend.

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    10. Bring your own bags.

    reusable tote bag that says "no more plastic"

    11. Support brands that give back.

    giving back

    12. If you're planning a trip where you intend on shopping, do your research ahead of time.

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    13. Consider impact gifts instead of gifting for the sake of gifting.

    person planting a sapling

    14. If brands you love aren't doing enough, let them know.

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    15. Find pros in your area that can mend your well-loved pieces (or learn how to do it yourself).

    shoemaker working on a shoe

    Do you have any other tips to add? Do you want to shout out some brands that are doing it right? Sound off in the comments.