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    20 Reality TV Moments Where We Were Grateful The Cameras Kept Rolling

    These shows had god-tier camerapeople and we applaud their service.

    Say what you will about reality TV, but for pop culture observers like myself, they're the gift that keeps on giving.

    Over the years, reality TV has really gone there, whether it's an emotional moment, a messy moment, a legal predicament, or all the above.

    Here are the moments where cameras kept rolling even when they maybe shouldn't have and gave us reality TV gold.

    1. On the first season of Jersey Shore when Snooki got punched in the face and chaos ensued.

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    MTV / Via

    One of the first big moments that turned the Shore family from a group of twenty-somethings to friends, Snooki getting punched in the face was a major reality moment. The guy who punched Snooki got arrested, fined, and lost his job over this hotheaded moment.

    2. New York and Pumpkin's fight on the first season of Flavor of Love.

    3. The origin of Tyra Banks' infamous America's Next Top Model meme, when she let loose on cycle four contestant Tiffany Richardson.

    4. Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice getting into a fistfight while supposedly at a retreat to improve their relationship on RHONJ.

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    Bravo / Via

    Gorga-Giudice family feuds are at the heart of RHONJ, but this felt like something that would have been better handled off-camera.

    5. Reality drama meeting IRL drama when Ashlee Simpson's disastrous SNL lip-synching moment was on her reality show, so she could share her side of the story.

    Ashlee Simpson on "Saturday Night Live" in October 2004

    6. Amber Portwood's physical altercations with then-boyfriend Gary Shirley on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom.

    Amber Portwood posting at the 2017 MTV VMAs

    7. The mom who dressed her pageant-contestant kid up as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on Toddlers & Tiaras in 2011, horrifying pretty much everyone else in the room.

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    TLC / Via

    This once again begs the question, "Why did TLC air this?"

    8. Kyle and Kim Richards' limo fight in season one of RHOBH.

    9. The entirety of The Swan, an early-aughts reality show that ruthlessly tore women apart and glorified their self-esteem issues while promoting the hell out of plastic surgery.

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    FOX / Via

    Enough said.

    10. Jon and Kate Gosselin announcing their divorce on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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    TLC / Via

    The news had already hit the public courtesy of every conceivable tabloid and blog out there, but watching the two discuss it with all the tension still very fresh was just bad.

    11. Kendra Wilkinson confronting husband Hank Baskett about cheating with a transgender model while she was pregnant with their second child on Kendra On Top.

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    WeTV / Via

    This was a beyond uncomfortable conversation and it was clear that Hank wasn't giving anything up on camera, but fans almost didn't blame Kendra for putting him through it because of what he put her through.

    12. Brooks Ayers presenting false medical paperwork that says he had cancer on RHOC.

    Brook Ayers talking to Vicki Gunvalson on "RHOOC" reunion

    13. When a guy found out he got catfished by his cousin on Catfish, for a particular kind of revenge.

    14. Mohammed revealed why he wasn't intimate with Danielle on 90-Day Fiance.

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    TLC / Via

    Fans were suspicious when this couple didn't kiss on their wedding day and when it was discussed after the fact, Mohammed revealed he'd sampled the goods and they were not so good. Sex tantrums and possible peeing were just a little TMI, even for hardcore 90-Day fans.

    15. Porsha Williams slapping Kenya Moore during a heated RHOA exchange at the Season 6 reunion.

    Cynthia Bailey looking nervous sitting between Porsha Williams Stewart and Kenya Moore

    16. Bachelor in Paradise alluding to the situation between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson in the first days of filming Season 4.

    Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson talking at the "Bachelor In Paradise" reunion

    17. When it was revealed that Tristan Thompson was cheating on Khloe Kardashian when she was preparing to give birth to their daughter.

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    NBC Universal / Via

    We've had a front-row look at a lot of uncomfortable and emotional moments in Kardashian history, like Kim being reunited with her children after her robbery and watching the entire Kar-Jenner clan learn that Tristan had cheated on a pregnant  Khloé, just before she was due to give birth. We saw it all play out in real-time so while necessary to the plot, seeing it replayed felt icky.

    18. June Shannon refusing her family's intervention on Mama June: From Hot To Not.

    Television personalities Alana Thompson and June Shannon attends "Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta" Atlanta Premiere in 2017

    19. The end of Kody and Meri's marriage playing out on Sister Wives.

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    TLC / Via

    There were a lot of signs Meri and Kody Brown's relationship was running it's course, but to see Meri deal with rejection and humiliation (and that's before the Catfishing) felt like a bit too much for some viewers.

    20. When Jen Shah gets off the Sprinter van and the feds show up approximately 5 minutes later on RHOSLC.

    Jen Shah crying on the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" reunion

    Some of these were big learning moments, some changed the shows, and some were just pure entertainment. Which reality TV moment left you in awe after it aired? Let us know in the comments.