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Pick Out A Date Outfit For Me And I'll Guess How Many Crushes You Currently Have

You better make me look good!

Which top should I wear on my date?
Which bottoms though?
Should I wear a jacket?
  • A warm jacket with fake sure around the neck
    Urban Outfitters
  • A cool jacket with fuzzy, warm lining inside
    Urban Outfitters
  • A light jacket that has a more light-hearted energy
    Urban Outfitters
  • A dark jacket that gives off more serious vibes
    Urban Outfitters
Time for some hair inspiration. Which option should I go for?
What are we missing? Oh, right – a bag! Hurry, let's pick one
C'mon – it's almost time to go! Pick a necklace
  • Silver
    Urban Outfitters
  • Pink
    Urban Outfitters
  • Floral
    Urban Outfitters
  • Black
    Urban Outfitters
Now, for the final piece to complete my date outfit. Pick some bracelets for me, and then I'll be out the door
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