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21 Ways You Know You Are An International Student

In the wise words of Pitbull, "Ohhhhh, it's international love".

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1. Your math skills have automatically improved because you're used to calculating time difference, Celsius to Fahrenheit and currency conversion

2. The look on people's faces when they hear you talking to your parents is priceless

3. You never learned to do regular chores, like laundry, cooking or ironing


6. You will never understand why having air conditioning isn't a universal human right


8. You get disproportionately excited when you meet someone from the same country as you

9. You learn to accommodate for the fact that your hair dries differently in different countries

10. You miss having been "legal" for 6 years when you first get to college. What is the law?

11. You've mastered the smuggling of home food across customs, because you're slick like that


12. You've been graded down for spelling the British way instead of the American way (or vice versa)

13. When you went to your first frat party/club and witnessed American "dancing" for the first time, this is what you saw:

14. Due to time difference, your parents call you exclusively when you are already out partying


17. The image everyone else has of your country is 99% inaccurate

19. You hear people complaining about traveling, and think to yourself "12 hour flight? Only?"

21. But at the end of the day, you realize it's a small world after all.

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