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Things Girls Do For Each Other That Guys Probably Have No Idea About

Just some legendary girl codes and tips.

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If our friend is on a first date, we call an hour in with an 'emergency' so she can bail if she needs to.

If a girl asks us to do a period stain check, we lag back and check her behind for stains. No exceptions.

If she has something in her teeth, you kindly and quietly gesture where it is so she can get that nasty thing out of there.

If she's crying, not only do you help calm her down, but you help with her makeup as well.

Before asking a girl if she's sick, we make sure she didn't just decide to not wear makeup that day.

Even if we hate another girl's guts with the fiery passion of a thousand menstruating uteruses, if she asks us for a tampon and we have an extra, we give her one.

If you have a good guy friend who gets a new girlfriend, you make every effort to make sure that she doesn't see you as a threat.

When your bestie breaks up with a guy, girl time is mandatory. Drinks, ice cream, brownies, a night out... whatever the girl in question may want.

If you and your friend are with her crush, you do everything you possibly can do to make her look good.

No girl ever tries to look better than the bride at her wedding.

You never ever let your friend go home with some guy when she is too drunk.

Bonus tip for all guys: don't post a bad picture of her on any social media sites. No matter how good you look in the photo, just don't do it. Otherwise, you'll have to face the consequenes.

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