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21 Things Bollywood Taught To All Of Us

Realism is of the utmost importance.

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1.Everyone has a body to die for.


2. You will meet the man of your dreams while traveling or studying in a foreign state.

3. And soon you'd find him running after you.

4. If you start an impromptu dance, everyone on the street will join and somehow, they also know the steps.

5. Rain is the reason behind all the intimacy and unplanned kids.

6. Cop’s know shit. The day's saved by none other than the hero himself.

7. And they don’t feel pain at all, even if they are severely injured.

8. And even if it’s -45 degrees, girls never ever feel cold.

9. Your guy is incredibly caring. He always protects you from every harm and danger.

10. The college you go to might actually be bigger than the entire city.

11. Someone, somewhere, is made for you and he won’t give up until he finds you.

12. You can run, cry and dance while wearing a saree but you’ll never fall.

13. You can time travel to a desert while singing romantic songs.

14. It’s okay for grandmas to act cheesy.

15. This weirdly smelling smoke plays a very crucial role when you’re trying to seduce someone.

16. Physics-defying stunts can be performed by random guys, just like that.

17. You just love doing insane things while wearing a towel.

Trust me, you really do!

18. No matter how much you eat, you stay super thin.

19. The guy makes sure he professes his love when you are surrounded with beautiful greenery.

20. No matter how irritating you are, you’ll always end up getting the hot guy.

21. And of course, your prayer room’s ‘diya’ is the indicator of your beloved’s life or death.

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