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    • andyream

      Gilmore Girls is getting mentioned a lot here and there were some aspects of the show that made me mad. But nothing was more upsetting than Rory’s relationship with Paul. She treated him like garbage. She cheated on him, had no interest in being in a relationship with him, and constantly forgot about him and his presence. Now I’m a feminist, so I’ll be the first to say you don’t have to be with a guy just because he’s nice to you but then BRAKE UP with him! You don’t have to string him along. And Rory saying she kept forgetting to break up with him is ridiculous. I’m supposed to believe that Rory, Miss Has a List for Everything, Miss Writes Everything in Her Agenda just forgot to end a relationship with someone she didn’t want to be with. I remember watching an interview were someone mentioned to Lauren Graham that a lot of the fans didn’t really like the way Rory handled the relationship and she defended it. She made it seem like he deserved it. I just feel like Rory treated Paul like Jess treated Rory… only worse. Jess always forgot to call Rory and lacked communication with her. But does Rory look like a bad person for doing the same? Not to writers.

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