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Things That Olivia Pope Could Learn From Chenille Reynolds From Save The Last Dance

Forehead wrinkles, open mouth crying and pouting has served Olivia Pope well, but here's hoping that Season 3 of Scandal brings back our favourite Kerry Washington performance: the sassy Chenille Reynolds from Save the Last Dance.

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Yes, Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope is the queen of the lip quiver and glazed stare.

But in almost every episode of Scandal we see the same old facial expressions. Olivia could learn a thing or two from Chenille.

Chenille from Save the Last Dance!

Olivia is constantly crying and scrunching up her face.

Instead, Chenille dances with Kenny down at STEPPS night club using a fake ID.

On a balance beam, Chenille may lack Olivia's poise and grace...

But you never see Olivia Pope get down like this at any White House party.

We get it Olivia. You have a complicated relationship with Fitz.

Seriously, stop it.

Everyone knows that your ability to make facial expressions combining shock, anger and sadness is second to none.

Ok, ok, sorry Claire, you're also really great.

But sometimes you just have to trust your gut...

... and save those facial expressions for the dance floor.

Best. Movie. Ever. Aight?

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