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Justin Timberlake Shows Us How We Will Feel If The NSYNC Reunion Doesn't Happen

If this NSYNC reunion doesn't happen there will be some explaining to do. Mostly to females born in the 1980s.

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When the news hit that NSYNC might reunite for the VMAs we all felt a little cautious at first. Could this be true? Can this be real?

If the reunion doesn't happen we will all stare at our TVs in disbelief like this

We will all walk away from our TV right before the award for Best Song of the Summer is announced because it won't matter if we can't see NSYNC sing 5 part harmonies

We will shake our head feeling disappointed that we won't be able to make GIFs of their glorious comeback performance

We will all feel a sharp pain in our head as we remember we haven't seen NSYNC perform together in over 10 years

We will all wonder what chance JC Chasez has of getting his face back onto MTV

We will all have to tell our friends that the Internet was wrong about the rumors

We will all get very worried about how Joey and Chris are going to earn any money this year

We will probably swear to never watch the VMAs again

This reunion has to happen. The stakes are too high now

And if it does, we will all be ready. NSYNC, you've been gone too long. We want you back.

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