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18 Things Wrong With Robin Thicke's New "Give It 2 U" Video

There are exactly 18 things in the new Robin Thicke video that are just wrong. Like whoever did his makeup.

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1. Robin Thicke eats candy cotton from the backside of the girl dressed as cotton candy which doesn't seem hygienic

2. The cotton candy girl dances in front of some terrible 2 Chainz fan art

3. Madonna released a song called "Give It 2 Me" in 2008 and even back then the idea of replacing the word "to" with the number 2 wasn't cool

4. Robin Thicke does that thing where he stands still while women dance around him, which will probably make the Internet angry

5. At one point in the video there is a streaker, but it's actually just a guy wearing a beige unitard

6. Robin lays the product placement on pretty Thicke. Portable speakers anyone?

7. What about a new car??

8. What about new portable speakers???

9. What about alcoholic beverages????

10. Seriously, just go out and buy four new portable speakers. Pay for them with $100 bills only

11. Not surprisingly, 2 Chainz shows up and says his name. But every time he does a piece of Jason Derulo dies inside

12. 2 Chainz is introduced by a boy wearing 1 Chain, which at first seems appropriate, but then seems unfair

13. Not surprisingly, 2 Chainz raps in front of the ASS FLOAT

14. After shutting down the Internet with his verse on "Control", Kendrick Lamar is somehow convinced to ride on the back of a miniature car with cardboard cutouts in the background

15. Yes, cardboard cutouts. Hey wait a second, what happened to the cutout in the bottom left hand corner?

16. Oh I see. They gave the Asian lady evil eyebrows and facial hair. Great work Art Department

17. Robin Thicke channels Beetlejuice. Who's to blame for these costumes?

18. Finally, who should we blame for Robin Thicke's orange makeup face?


Turns out we can mostly blame Robin Thicke for pretty much everything he gave 2 us in this video

Here's the full video:

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