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    14 Bleps, Blops, And Mlems That'll Immediately Brighten Your Day

    Blep: When an animal does that cute thing where their tongue sticks out just a little.

    1. This surprise blep:

    2. This lil' blop (it's a blop when it's a dog):

    3. This portrait of a blop:

    alicegirl28 / Via

    4. These synchronized mlems:

    5. This rare double mlem:

    6. This little piggy blep:

    7. This husky blop:

    8. This toothy blep:

    9. This snoozy blop:

    10. And this equally snoozy blep:

    11. This snowy mlem:

    12. This bathtime blop:

    13. This corgi blop:

    14. And finally, these enthusiastic mlems:

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