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    People Are Sharing The Very Specific Things They're Afraid Nobody Else Does, But It Turns Out We All Do Them

    Chances are, if you're going on the internet and asking "does anyone else..." the answer is "yes."

    When you think about it, there's probably a looooong list of little things you do all the time that you don't tell anyone about. Like, maybe you sit in the driveway and wait for a song to finish before getting out of your car.

    Well, it turns out that the subreddit r/DoesAnyoneElse is full of people sharing the thing they do in secret that they never talk about. If anything, it's a reminder that we're all kinda the same person, deep down.

    So, here are some of the most weirdly specific — and yet completely relatable — things that people brought up:

    1. "Does anyone else think the music they listen to is really good while listening alone, but when showing it to others, they get extremely self-conscious about it?"


    2. "Does anyone else, when they notice someone's typo, look at their keyboard to see if the wrong letter is near the correct letter?"


    3. "Does anyone else always say 'ouch' whenever you bump into something even though it didn't hurt?"


    4. "Does anyone else check their pee color and feel proud of themselves when they see that clear hydrated urine?"


    5. "Does anyone else feel a slight bond with the car you've been driving in front of or behind for a long time, and feel kinda sad when one of you eventually turns off?"


    6. "Does anyone else say to themselves, 'Wed-nes-day' when you’re writing down Wednesday?"


    7. "When your pet is cuddled with you, does anyone else try to explain to your pet the reason you’re getting up and that you will be right back and not to move?"


    8. "Does anybody else order food online and then stare out the window waiting for the delivery person? Then, once you see them pull up, you hide so when they ring the bell you can act like you weren't staring out the window waiting for them?"


    9. "Does anyone else put on a sock and discover a hole, but decide to wear it one last time since it's clean? So, you intend to throw it away after wearing it. But you forget and wash it again, and repeat the process?"


    10. "Did anyone else used to count the people in front of them when reading out loud in class to see which sentences you had to read and practice before it got to you?"


    11. "Does anyone else occasionally come across a distinct smell that immediately takes you back to some vague childhood memory that you can't quite put your finger on, and you're overwhelmed with a beautiful sense of familiarity and nostalgia for a few seconds until it vanishes?"


    12. "Does anyone else pronounce 'ur' and 'your' differently in your head? 'Your' is kind of like a 'yore,' whereas 'ur' is more of a 'yerr' when I read it to myself."


    13. "Does anyone else take 30 minutes to write an email that's only two sentences because no matter how you write it, it always sounds wrong?"


    14. "Does anyone else run water over their toothbrush, apply the toothpaste, but then run the water again over the toothpaste?"


    15. "Does anyone else take a look at their pet and [get] amazed by the fact that a conscious, living animal is in your house?"


    16. "Does anyone else get annoyed when you flush a toilet but it was weak so you have to flush it a second time, but there’s that long waiting period where the toilet 'recharges' after flushing so you just stand there impatiently waiting until the water sound goes away so you can flush again?"


    17. "Does anyone else continue to type their full sentence even when their keyboard freezes so they can watch the sentence type itself up when it unfreezes?"


    18. And finally, "Does anyone else have dreams that it’s finals week and you suddenly remembered a class you forgot about all semester, even though you graduated years ago?"


    Are there any things you do in secret that you've always wondered if you're alone in doing? Drop it in the comments and see if any of the rest of us go, "Yeah, I do that, too!"