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If You've Ever Cooked, You'll Read This Tumblr Post And Say "YES"

"American recipes: Buy these three cans of stuff and put them in a pan."

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Everybody knows that cooking can be tough, even if you're following a recipe.

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But as Tumblr user altonzm pointed out, it's even tougher when you're trying to follow an authentic recipe from a specific country or culture.

That post spawned an avalanche of replies from other Tumblr users, each calling out a specific cuisine for its unique characteristics.

They're all just so TRUE.

Sometimes there are too many variations. Sometimes there are too few.

Sometimes, you just know there's no way you could outdo your abuela/nonna/oma/etc.

And then there are Nordic recipes.

Ireland pretty much has everything figured out.

Oh, and good luck even finding the recipe if you're looking at a food blog.

But if you ever feel overwhelmed, just cook by the Australian book.

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