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    19 Times Leslie Knope Shut Down Sexism On "Parks & Rec"

    "Maybe it's time for more women to be in charge" —Leslie Knope

    1. When she had the best possible comeback for Councilman Milton.

    2. When she threw some subtle shade at Dewey.

    3. And at white, male senators.

    4. When she didn't let gender roles define her.

    5. When she took her role as leader of the Pawnee Goddesses very seriously.

    6. When she had a very important message for men's rights protesters.

    7. When her Betty Friedan references were on POINT.

    8. When she pulled out every terrible stereotype she could think of to win over a sexist park ranger.

    9. When she and April totally owned a male-dominated career field.

    10. When she called out the media for their sexist questions.

    11. When she wasn't afraid to talk about her dreams (and to give major side-eye).

    12. When she included herself on her personal wall of inspirational women.

    13. When she understood the importance of celebrating female bonds.

    14. When she called Ron out on his privilege (and mustache).

    15. When she defended a portrait of herself as a powerful, goddess centaur.

    16. When she explained that women are just as competitive and driven as men.

    17. When she pointed out an important problem on the Gender Equality Commission.

    18. When she stood for change.

    19. And when she finally, finally got her seat on Pawnee's city council.