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    This Pizza Place Is Selling "Just The Crusts" And It's Either A Dream Or A Nightmare

    It's different from breadsticks, OK?

    If we're going to get through this post together, we need to agree on something: Pizza is the greatest food to have ever existed. Correct?

    OK, we're in agreement there? Good. Now, we need to agree on one more thing: The crust is actually excellent and you should not be leaving it in the box.

    some of u still don't eat the crust on ur pizza like absolute fucking cowards. it's just bread. are u a toddler? does ur mommy tuck u in? eat the crust stupid baby

    Clearly, international chain restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen knows how valuable pizza crust is, because they're offering "Just the Crust" to ~cultured~ fans who want to enjoy a well-baked Neapolitan pizza crust.

    In a press release (which was NOT released on April 1, mind you), Villa Italian Kitchen announced the new menu item, which will go for $2.75. It's a slice-sized box that's just filled with pizza crusts.

    A New Jersey-based pizza chain is going to start selling pizza crusts by this. What would you think if you opened this box and saw this?

    Now, SOME people think that these are basically just breadsticks. They are not! Pizza crusts are usually lighter and airier and also tend to have little bits of stray cheese baked into them, which makes them extra delicious.

    @NewsyNick So....they believe they’ve invented “breadsticks”?

    Villa Italian Kitchen — bold and visionary pioneers that they are — went so far as to say: "We know that the crust is everyone’s favorite part of the pizza, so skipping straight to selling pizza crusts only seemed like the perfect idea."

    As a dedicated crust-eater, I applaud these pizza heroes in standing up for what is truly the greatest part of the pizza. Best believe I will be getting one of these boxes of bread when they launch on July 18.