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This Photo Of A Pregnant Guinea Pig Has The Internet Going "WHOA"

We stan a round legend.

Ok, so you've probably seen a guinea pig before, right? Here's a couple of them chewing on parsley. NBD.

Here's one yawning. You might have seen that before too.

But have you ever seen a pregnant guinea pig? Because you're about to:

oligarchyoligarchy / Via

That photo was shared to Reddit's r/pics and now has almost 100,000 upvotes. Not to be rude to the guinea pig, but people are a bit shocked at the size of the lass:

She's like a furry water balloon!

People are finding the photo just a tad relatable:

Reddit claims this is a photo of a pregnant guinea pig, but I’m pretty sure that this is just a photo of me from yesterday when I was stuffing my face with popcorn 🤰🏻

It even has pregnant ~human~ moms relating hard in the comments:

Anyway, we stan a spherical legend.

Just a cute pregnant guinea pig for your daily dose of smile 🥥