This Little "Game Of Thrones" Detail About Daenerys' Hair Is So Badass

    "You've no right to a braid! You've won no victories yet!"

    It's been pretty well-documented that the costume and makeup team on Game of Thrones uses hair in symbolic ways throughout the series.

    So I am honestly shocked that we hadn't noticed a glaring, seasons-long trend in Daenerys' hair until now.

    As you probably know, the Dothraki adorn their braids after victories and cut them off after a defeat.

    That's why Khal Drogo had such a looooooong braid.

    And that turns out to be one of a few Dothraki traditions that Dany took to heart, because her braids have multiplied over the seasons as she's won more battles.

    Cersei's hair transformation could be subject to similar symbolism: It was when she hit rock bottom and seemed defeated at the hands of the High Sparrow that her head was shaved.

    But there's no denying that these are THE BRAIDS OF A CONQUEROR.