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This Account Just Tweets Hilariously Wrong "Wheel Of Fortune" Answers

"I'd like to solve the puzzle: OH SHIT A GHOST."

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If you're a game show fan — or if you've ever turned on the TV a little early for your 8 p.m. show — you've probably watched someone solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle.


Well, the Twitter account @wofanswers is here to show you how NOT to solve the puzzle.

The account is pretty simple: It's just screenshots of unsolved puzzles with a very earnest (and very wrong) possible answer.

It's not affiliated with the actual show at all, so the answers are usually at least a little profane.

Or a lot profane.

Now, some of you might notice that these answers aren't possible due to the rules of the game.

The response to any complaints is a simple "no."

Because this account is really for one thing: yelling out hilariously incorrect Wheel of Fortune answers.

You can see more and follow Wheel of Fortune Answers on Twitter.