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    I Just Learned Why Cats Knock Things Over And It Makes Total Sense

    It's not just because they're jerks.

    If you have a cat, have ever been around a cat, or have seen cats on the internet, you know that they love to do this:

    I mean, there are whole compilations on YouTube of cats knocking things off of tables.

    But WHY???

    It turns out that they're probably just doing it because it gets your attention.

    TrueSStory / Via

    "A lot of cats knock things over because they have learned it is a quick and easy way to get their human’s attention," cat researcher Mikel Delgado, told Inverse. "This behavior typically stems from boredom and/or a failure of the owner to acknowledge cats for 'good behavior.'"

    Initially, though, cats might be batting at objects to see if they're alive (or a potential snack).

    Instagram: @superhirocat

    According to Dr. H. Ellen Whiteley, author of Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten, your cat might at first be checking if that object on your table is a mouse or other prey. But once you come running when something gets knocked over, your cat learns that this is an effective way to summon you quickly.

    So if you want to discourage this behavior, make sure your cat isn't bored by providing them with lots of playtime. And don't come running or provide any positive feedback if you hear a crash.

    Of course, your cat might be well fed and entertained, but they're just being a goof. Because who knows what they're really thinking?

    unicornspoopingskittles / Via


    H. Ellen Whiteley's name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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