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    This Guy's Genius McDonald's Hack Has People Shook

    So simple, yet so delicious.

    As you well know, McDonald's McFlurries are delicious.

    McDonald's chocolate chip cookies are also delicious.

    So naturally, this little McDonald's hack is ABSOLUTE GENIUS.

    Twitter: @nxthvniel_

    Twitter user @nxthvniel_ realized he could combine the ice cream and the cookie to make a new McDonald's "secret menu" item...

    ...The McFlurry Cookie Sandwich.

    People can't believe the simple creative genius behind it.

    @nxthvniel_ I feel like you just discovered fire or sum fr fr

    People are ON. BOARD.

    The tweet quickly went viral, and now people are trying it out for themselves.

    @nxthvniel_ @actuallyayana that shit goof asf

    Of course, there are bound to be some haters.

    @nxthvniel_ @McDonalds All you did was this with a chocolate chip cookie

    But most people agree that this is life-changing.

    Of course, you can only try it when the ice cream machine is, good luck.

    Tell us: What's your favorite McDonald's hack?