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    Any Dog Owner Will Relate To These Hilariously Accurate Breed Descriptions

    "German shepherd: Only loves one person. Still won't listen to them."

    Most dog owners know that particular breeds have particular ~quirks~.

    Even when she's grumpy, this husky can't resist singing along to her favorite song 🎵

    For example, huskies will not hesitate to let you know how they feel. Vocally. And very loudly.

    Artist Grace Gogarty, who goes by Little Tunny on Tumblr and Instagram, summed up those breed-specific quirks in a series of drawings that are so, SO accurate.

    For example, here are the descriptions for black, chocolate, and yellow labs.

    Pitt owners know that they basically have two moods:

    Gogarty also covered lots of small breeds, like Yorkshire terriers:

    And large breeds, like Dobermanns:

    Gogarty told BuzzFeed that she used to work as a supervisor at a doggy daycare, so her inspiration for these drawings came from meeting a lot of dogs from these breeds.

    But Gogarty also noted that she loves all dogs. So if anything in these descriptions seems critical, it's not. It's just ~true~.

    You can check out more of Gogarty's work on her Instagram, including the complete guides to small, medium, and large breeds...and also this excellent chart of her dog's anatomy.