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23 Things That Definitely Happened In The Harry Potter Universe

This is why Harry Potter fans are the best.

1. First off, this is definitely what happened to the teachers who taught Bill and Percy.

2. And the teachers who set up the "protections" for the philosopher's stone definitely got a stern talking-to.

3. This adorable thing most definitely happened.

4. A muggle-born kid almost certainly showed off a different kind of magical talent.

5. Fred and George absolutely messed with McGonagall at every opportunity.

6. There were definitely some Muggle students trying to keep up with their favorite series.

7. More than one Ravenclaw probably got taken down a notch.

8. Speaking of pens, no doubt some enterprising Slytherin muggle-borns found a business opportunity or two.

9. And techy muggle-borns most likely created all kinds of browser-inspired spells.

10. The Potterwatch broadcasts undoubtedly got a bit punchy to brighten people's moods.

11. At some point, a Howler was used to Rickroll someone.

12. Some kid definitely asked for the wifi password.

13. Back in the day, James almost certainly made this parenting error.

14. And even earlier than that, he for sure organized this small act of rebellion.

15. Tonks and Dumbledore had to have pulled this at some point.

16. At some point, there was absolutely a non-muggle-born saying "THERMOS."

17. And when Draco finally saw a boggart, this definitely happened.

18. McGonagall most certainly decided on her retirement exactly like this.

19. Without a doubt, this happened one year at Christmas at the Burrow.

20. The Quidditch team 100% made good use of Oliver Wood's name.

21. Lily absolutely did this in the afterlife when they arrested Sirius.

22. Little league Quidditch has to be a thing. It has to. Because it's adorable.

23. And finally, there's no doubt that more than one duel was fought at Hogwarts over this.

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