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    21 Little Things Americans Do That Non-Americans Actually Love

    "Very enthusiastic people."

    Recently, u/etlifereview asked the AskReddit community: "Non-Americans, what's something Americans do that you love?"

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    The responses ranged from heartwarming to hilarious, and they'll make any US resident recognize the little things we do right. Here are some of the most upvoted responses:

    1. Our enthusiasm:

    "When they do something, they go all out and really commit to it. Very enthusiastic people."


    2. Our hash browns:

    "The fuggin' hash browns in diners. I just love them. And even when I find grated hash browns outside of the US, it's never quite as good."


    A plate of golden hash browns
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    3. Our hair stylists, apparently:

    "Haircuts, barbers. A majority of hair professionals are very much above average. Never had a bad haircut there. Never."


    4. Our response to a hearty "yee-haw":

    "The fact that yelling 'yee-haw' in a country setting will almost always be met with whooping, hollering, and other yee-haws. I live in the US, but am from Ireland."


    5. Our fast food:

    "Fast food. There are many places and even US-only franchises that are heavenly good."


    6. Our gift of gab:

    "Americans I’ve met are usually a delight to talk to. Very upbeat and talkative from my experience.

    I still remember a conversation I had with a small family who were on holiday where I live. They basically told me their life story and what they were up to that day. Didn’t know them, but it made my commute home more interesting."



    7. Free refills:

    "Free soda refills at fast food [restaurants]."


    8. Our love of hugging:

    "This depends a bit on where in the US you are and also in the pre-COVID times, but Americans hug a lot compared to Asians, and it makes me feel really fuzzy on the inside 😊."


    9. Our sausage gravy:

    "Sausage gravy at breakfast."


    10. Our milkshakes (and our Oreos):

    "For me, hands down, it has to be milkshakes. Oreo milkshakes are the god damn best thing that I have experienced when I came to America (I’m from Mexico). It can be midnight and I can just go to a fast food place and order any milkshake I want. It’s so simple, but it sure is amazing."


    A cookies and creme milkshake
    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    11. Our restaurants and amazing food service workers:

    "Such amazing food, and even better food service. The American restaurant experience is truly heaven."


    12. Our "go for it" attitude:

    "What I loved about Americans I met is the encouragement to try new things.

    Like: 'Just go for it. If it works, great. If it doesn't, you gained experience.'

    Here in Germany, it's more: 'Nah, rather be careful. If you dare to fail, you are a loser that we won't ever trust with responsbilities again.'"


    13. Our school extracurriculars and teachers:

    "For me personally? The schools and the school system. I moved here about 12 years ago from SA when I was still a kid, and yes while the education (meaning: what you learned in class and how strict rules were) was much better where I’m from IMO, I was so shocked that schools here had soooo many clubs and after-school programs/activities and even classes! I can’t imagine taking theater as a 12-year-old over there!!

    I also love how involved parents are in school events and programs. I also really love how teachers decorate their classrooms a lot more. I haven’t been in an actual school in years, but I have the fondest memories of my fifth grade class being so decorated and pretty lol. I'm a cornball but really appreciate American teachers for that."


    14. Our spookiest holiday:



    Peanuts Worldwide LLC / Apple TV+

    15. Our greetings:

    "As simple as saying good morning when I walk past. Goes a long way."


    16. Our fried chicken, particularly in sandwich form:

    "Fried chicken sandwiches, they got it mastered."


    17. Our national parks:

    "Your outdoors.

    The sheer size of the country means there are so many national parks with a large variety of sceneries.

    That said, the sheer size of the country also means you’ll be putting the same amount of effort getting there compared to me visiting a neighbouring country."


    18. Our protests against injustice:

    "I love the way you've been protesting against police brutality and racism. Solidarity from the UK."


    19. Our ability to cause a scene:


    I know it sounds weird, but it's something you'll notice when you live in a passive country.

    It's normal here to work Monday to Monday, not get paid overtime and work multiple jobs at once, but be paid for the lowest one. It's insane. Americans, at least, make a scene as much as they can when shit seems unfair for them. Even if sometimes it's something stupid."


    20. Our friendliness:

    "As a European who has done two road trips across the States, the main thing I will remember fondly for the rest of my days is how friendly people in the States are. I talked with busy New Yorkers and with homeless folks, had a fucking BBQ in Detroit with the neighbourhood. I spent the night on a farm in southern Iowa. Clubbing in Vegas, smoking and chilling in LA. I had long conversations with people who are so far apart from each other on the political and financial spectrum that it's harder to get it any wider, but I didn't meet a single person who didn't treat us very nicely."


    21. And finally, our farewell phrases:

    "Visited America with my family when I was 16. Almost everyone who talked to us would end the conversation with 'Have a good one!' It was really nice hearing it all the time and I use the phrase all the time now."



    Check out the rest of the thread for more!

    (Some comments may have been edited for length or clarity.)

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