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You Need To See This Ice Hotel's "Game Of Thrones" Rooms

All men must freeze.

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The North in Game of Thrones probably isn't a place you'd want to visit. It's very cold and there are ice zombies.


HOWEVER, this GoT-themed ice hotel in Finland is a place that you're most definitely going to want to visit.

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Lapland Hotels Snowvillage in Finland has teamed up with HBO Nordic to provide rooms and sculptures inspired by Game of Thrones. You can have a White Walker overlooking your bed...

Tuomas Kurtakko / Via

...Stroll by the Hall of Faces...

Tuomas Kurtakko / Via

...Or check out a map of Westeros.

Tuomas Kurtakko / Via

Of course, the hotel has plenty of non-GoT rooms as well, like this cool clock-themed one:

Lapland Hotels Snowvillage / Via

Travelers can book a room (including the White Walker suite or a suite with a Stark sigil snow sculpture), or they can stay elsewhere and just visit to see some of the ice art.

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Check out the Lapland Hotels website for more info. Don't forget to bring your dragonglass!