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The "Stranger Things" Season 2 Trailer Is Here And It'll Give You Chills

Where's Barb though? Lol just kidding.

The ending to the first season of Stranger Things left us with a lot of questions.


Like, "What happened to Eleven? Is she OK?" Or, "What's up with that slug that Will Byers puked up?" Or, "How does Steve manage to keep his hair so perfectly coiffed?"

Well, a new trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, and while it doesn't answer all of those questions, it still has some moments that'll give you chills.

Darkness falls across the land… Here is the first trailer for #StrangerThings2.

Facebook: video.php

It opens with our boys playing a HEATED game of "Dragon's Lair."


Any '80s kid knows that game was legit hard.

But poor Will is still getting flashes of the Upside-Down, including the silhouette of that huge monster that we saw in the first trailer, hovering over Hawkins.


Apparently the Upside-Down is spreading to the real world, but Nancy's ready with more firearms.


We've still got those Halloween vibes...the trailer is even set to a crazy-good remix of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."


Oh, and Steve's hair still looks great, you guys.


But most importantly, ELEVEN IS BACK.


And it looks like she won't be stuck in the Upside-Down for long.


Of course she won't; she's a total badass.

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres Oct. 27 on Netflix.


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