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You Guys, "Four Weddings" Is Coming Back But There's Gonna Be A Savage Twist

Shit is about to get REAL on the new season of Four Weddings.

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Four Weddings forces four strangers to go to each others' weddings and RATE THEM on a numerical scale, and the winner gets a free honeymoon.

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Some brides have perfectly nice weddings, but others have crazy themes or outrageous venues that turn out to be awful ideas and honestly it's so entertaining.

Here's the big twist, though: The four brides competing in each episode will all KNOW EACH OTHER.


Yeah. The only thing that would've made this show more cutthroat is putting four actual friends up against each other, and that's exactly what TLC did. "Each episode will feature four brides and shine a light on their friendships with each other — judging their weddings in different categories such as venue, food, originality and dress," the network said in a statement.