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    Updated on Jan 10, 2020. Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    23 Tumblr Posts About Food Network That'll Crack You Up

    Chopped is love. Chopped is life.

    1. When you start to think it's more about the backstories than the food:

    2. When you're suddenly convinced you're a gourmet chef:

    3. When you wonder what exactly snapped in Alton Brown's mind:

    4. And you can divide him up into his own alignment chart:

    5. When you're CERTAIN they must have known the ingredients in advance:

    6. When you've been watching so much that this is pretty much you every day:

    7. When you know what they're ~really~ talking about:

    8. When you can pick the right show depending on your mood:

    9. When the Chopped contestants try to add something when THERE'S ONLY LIKE 10 SECONDS LEFT:

    10. SERIOUSLY.

    11. Or worse, when they don't use the ingredients correctly:

    12. When one of the contestants is Italian:

    13. When you know which side you're on:

    14. When you can actually see this happening:

    15. When you've watched so much that you have your own ideas for shows:

    16. But you also know exactly how you would perform on a show:

    17. Yeah, this would definitely be you:

    18. When someone on Chopped makes the worst possible decision they can make:

    19. When there's always that one chef on Cutthroat Kitchen:

    20. And there's always this one on Chopped:

    21. Really, Cutthroat dishes are basically this every time:

    22. But you're always ready to make fun of the contestants, no matter how hard they have it:

    23. And above all, you know that Ted Allen is bae.

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