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What's The Biggest Tearjerker Moment In Disney/Pixar Movies That People Don't Talk About Enough?

That little place setting reveal from Bruno in Encanto 😭.

Disney and Pixar have made so many beautiful animated movies over the years, and with them, a lot of tearjerker moments.

Sure, we all know about the first 10 minutes of Up and the death of Mufasa in The Lion King. But we also want to know which Disney/Pixar movie moments make you cry that people don't talk about enough.

For example, I shed a tear when we found out that Bruno had drawn a little place setting for himself behind the walls of the casita.

Mirabel touching the painted place setting Bruno made for himself

Another that always gets me is the little moment when Moana's mother catches her getting ready to leave the island, and without saying a word, helps her pack her things.

Moana's mother handing Moana a bag with tears in her eyes

And these moments don't have to be sad, either! Maybe you happy-cry when Dory finally reunites with her parents.

Dory reuniting with her parents in Finding Dory

So, we wanna know: Which moments from Disney or Pixar movies never fail to make you cry? They can be sad or happy, obvious or obscure. Just let us know what gets the tears flowing and why!

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