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    18 Photos That Have Strong "Ah, Those Were The Days" Vibes

    If you instantly recognize the cover art for blank VHS tapes, then you grew up in the '90s.

    1. The cover art on old VHS tapes:

    2. This floor at every McDonald's in the '90s:

    3. Doing your 10th grade chemistry labs at these tables:

    4. These Pizza Hut cups:

    5. And these lighting fixtures, too:

    6. This playground toy that everyone wanted a turn with:

    7. Turning up the volume on your TV and seeing this:

    8. Crumpling up a piece of paper until it felt like fabric:

    9. The commercial for Chicken Tonight (congrats, you now have the jingle stuck in your head):

    10. The old design on Uno cards:

    11. This book:

    12. Getting one of these envelopes in the mail:

    13. Flipping the little ashtrays on the seats or armrests of your grandparents' car:

    14. Sitting at (and sticking your fingers in) these lunch tables when it was warm enough to eat outside:

    15. Bringing a Pepsi cap into a convenience store to get a free bottle:

    16. Going on someone's Angelfire website and seeing this:

    17. This gum that was sadly tied to doomed technology:

    18. And finally, the only good hard candy, Creme Savers:

    H/T to r/nostalgia