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    Someone Edited That Arya/Brienne Fight With Lightsabers And It's Brilliant

    A long time ago in a Westeros far, far away...

    OK, so last week's episode of Game of Thrones featured that awesome sparring match between Arya and Brienne, right?

    Arya and Brienne sparring is 92 Dream Team scrimmage footage.

    WELL. YouTuber Omid G. has edited the scene to include lightsabers, and it's frickin' amazing:

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    It starts out with Brienne and Pod doing their usual training, BUT WITH LIGHTSABERS:

    HBO / Omid G. / Via

    But then Arya shows up WITH A PURPLE LIGHTSABER:

    HBO / Omid G. / Via

    Because of course Arya would be the only other person besides Samuel L. Jackson to have a purple one.

    As amazing as the fight was originally, this is even better.

    HBO / Omid G. / Via

    This isn't the first time Star Wars and Game of Thrones have mixed. Last season, Omid G. gave the "Battle of the Bastards" the same treatment.

    HBO / Omid G. / Via

    And another YouTuber, EricThePooh, edited lightsabers into that Tower of Joy duel.

    HBO / EricThePooh / Via

    Because let's be honest: Everything is better with lightsabers.

    HBO / Omid G. / Via