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    Everyone Is Still Losing It Over Lyanna Mormont's Speech

    People are still freaking out about Lyanna Mormont, and rightfully so.

    A lot of stuff happened on Game of Thrones this week.


    We finally learned about Jon Snow's parentage, got some interesting insight into Jon and Sansa's relationship, and even found out where that sun-gyroscope thingy from the opening credits is from.

    But people are really going nuts over one incredible moment: THIS GOOSEBUMP-INDUCING SPEECH FROM LYANNA MORMONT.

    We already knew Lyanna Mormont was amazing, but this just sealed the deal.

    Lyanna Mormont tho #GameofThrones

    We haven't forgotten her icy stare from the Battle of the Bastards.


    But this speech was NEXT LEVEL.

    Everyone shut up, Lyanna Mormont is talking! #GameofThrones


    She's clearly the breakout star of this season.

    #LyannaMormont is my absolute favorite. Put her on the Iron Throne! #GameOfThronesFinale @BellaaRamsey


    In fact, people are already hoping for a spin-off.

    #GoTFinale #LyannaMormont is my absolute fave. Seriously, just give her her own show now please @HBO?


    WOULD 100% WATCH.

    Can we get a #GOT spin-off starring Lyanna Mormont as “Lady of Bear Island, Attorney at Law”? Would watch.

    She's basically a feminist icon now.

    Lady Lyanna Mormont. Shutting down patriarchy one scene at a time. 👸🏻 #GameofThrones

    Just goals. Goals everywhere.

    LifeGoals - to raise a daughter with the courage and strength of Lyanna Mormont #GameofThrones

    If we don't get a spin-off, can we at least get an action figure?

    I need a Lyanna Mormont action figure immediately. #GoTFinale #LyannaMormont2016


    It was so fitting that lyanna mormont the girl his mother was named after was the first to declare jon king in the north. 😭❤ #GameofThrones

    Pretty convinced that Lyanna Mormont can solve any and all problems.

    Now I've watched Game of Thrones, I think I know who we should draft in to fix Brexit


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