In-N-Out, Wendy's, And 14 Other Fast Food Places That People Think Are Better Than The Rest

    Honestly, as a fast food lover, I'm a little surprised at how this list ended up.

    Recently, in the Ask Reddit community, redditor u/the_idea_ asked a seemingly simple question: "What's the BEST fast food restaurant?"

    I sorted the comments by the most upvotes to see which fast food joints these redditors generally agreed were the best. Here are their 16 top choices, ranked, with #1 having received the most upvotes:

    (Note: I only included places that are available in four or more states. Also, the ranking is based on the number of upvotes from when I read the comments, so it might have changed.)

    16. Steak 'n Shake

    Steak 'n shake meal

    15. Chick-fil-A

    14. Panda Express

    Panda Express food

    13. Five Guys

    Five Guys burger and fries

    12. McDonald's

    11. Sonic

    Sonic food

    10. Bojangles

    Bojangles restaurant

    9. A&W

    8. Cook Out

    Cook Out restaurant

    7. Popeyes

    6. In-N-Out

    5. Portillo's


    4. Zaxby's

    3. Culver's

    2. Wendy's

    1. Taco Bell

    Taco Bell food

    Comments may have been edited for length or clarity.

    Do you agree or disagree? I gotta say, some of these I agreed with, and others I was like, "Nope." Let me know what you think in the comments!