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    22 Tumblr Posts To Remind You That Harry Potter Fans Are Hilarious

    We plumbed the darkest depths of Tumblr and defeated a basilisk for these.

    1. This pitch for a Hagrid-hosted nature show.

    2. These awkward promo pics.

    3. This idea of what Harry should have actually named his son.

    4. This representation of the four houses.

    5. This excellent pun.

    6. This conversation that probably happened.

    7. This hijacking of a One Direction post.

    8. This summary of Harry's interactions with Snape.

    9. This way to totally mess with Voldemort.

    10. This accurate imagining of James Potter's parenting.

    11. This much-needed crossover.

    12. This observation.

    13. And this one.

    14. And basically what Dumbledore did in year one.

    15. This feeling.

    16. This IRL encounter.

    17. This completely inappropriate joke.

    18. This thing that almost definitely happened.

    19. This very good point.

    20. This accurate representation of all of us when kids are nearby.

    21. This thing that definitely happened.

    22. And finally, when Google just couldn't move on.