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22 Screenshots Of People Being Hilariously, Confidently Wrong

If you're going to correct someone on the internet, you'd better make VERY sure you're not wrong first.

1. I'm gonna assume the lady in this story never took French.

someone saying they've had soup de jour before and whatever they got served wasn't it

2. Math isn't easy.

someone thinking 1/3 burger was smaller than 1/4 burger

3. To be fair, lots of people have trouble with "desert" and "dessert" too.

someone teaching the difference between Princes and Princess

4. "No."

the dictionary twitter responding "no" to someone that thinks News stands for notable events, weather, and sports

5. Step 1: read tweet carefully. Step 2: criticize.

President Biden tweets out "merry christmas" and someone respongds, "why are you so afrain to say merry christmas?"

6. To be fair, I can see where she was coming from, here.

someone answers that Popeye's favorite food was chicken

7. The off switch is located on the belly button, didn't you know?

man saying he won't pay for menstrual leave because women can turn it off before coming to work

8. There was a whole war about this.

someone saying that founding fathers never used violence, and someone responding, "actually, they shot british soldiers"

9. "The bad thing that's happening under our current system is a great example of what happens under the complete opposite system, which coincidentally, I hate."

"this is quite literally life under capitalism" someone says to someone claiming that limiting stock buys is why they hate communism

10. One million times $8 equals one billion, I don't make the rules.

someone saying that if one million users paid $8 that would equal one billion and thinking they were smart by also adding, "but I know math is hard"

11. What is it with Twitter and being very wrong when responding to AOC?

someone telling AOC that Puerto Ricans are not American citizens and they can't believe they have to explain that to a congresswoman

12. Dude.

someone saying that Spain is not European because it's in South America

13. Wonder why they couldn't find a source?

man saying that men can carry a woman's eggs after having sex to another woman if he doesn't shower in between. it's the same as medical egg donors, they say

14. "I disagree with math" is a statement that gives off immense power.

someone showing their work for a math problem and someone responds with, "well, i'm not sure if i agree but ok"

15. Math is hard, but sometimes geography is harder.

someone confusing the country of georgia to the united states state of georgia

16. That's... what they're for.

"no thianks, i don't need a vaccine for a virus i ain't got"

17. "I researched this."

"today a man told me, in all earnest, that i obviously wasn't very good at my classical studies degree because zeus only had one son, hercules, his source was the disney movie"

18. Tell me you don't know what you're talking about without telling me you don't know what you're talking about.

"haven't been able to come up with a vaccine for the flue but able to come up with one for a new virus in a matter of months?"

19. It is indeed up north.

someone trying to claim that Drake is not a North American artist, because while Canada is not North, it's not American

20. Whoops.

persone one: hey there person two: tries to correct the use of their and adds that they must go to UOttawa person one: definitely used the right one, you must go to Carleton person two: yup, that backfired

21. A rare double-wrong, here.

"elon is from south africa" and someone responds, "that is a continent, not a country, that's like saying you're from east canada"

22. The lesson here is, don't correct people unless you're dang sure you're right. And even then, you should probably still shut up.

someone trying to correct Stephen King on the use of your but they are wrong and also spelled it Steve