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    24 People Who Accidentally Called Out THEMSELVES Online

    That feeling when you accidentally argue against yourself. 😳

    One of my favorite subreddits is r/selfawarewolves, which rounds up screenshots of people accidentaly contradicting themselves, calling themselves out, or allllllllmost realizing that everything they're saying is wrong.* Here are some of the best examples:

    *Emphasis on "almost."

    1. They answered their own question and didn't even realize it.

    2. Imagine seeing what the Taliban is doing and thinking, "That's what we need in America!"

    3. Fun fact, sometimes politicians do things because they're the right thing to do, and not just for votes!

    4. Oh man, they seemed like they were on the right track until that last sentence.

    5. Hmm wonder if there's a correlation there.

    6. What a surprise!

    7. "My company will weather this economic recession because we export our labor overseas and exploit those workers for profit."

    8. Say that again, but slowly.

    9. If that response wasn't wrong enough for you, here's one that extols the virtues of America not allowing women, poor people, or most if not all people of color to vote initially! Fun!

    10. "There are only two genders, except for you. But you're not a third gender. But you're not one of the two genders. But you're—" *head explodes from cognitive dissonance*.

    11. I had to read this one twice before I realized that they thought this would be a bad thing and not an awesome thing.

    12. Oh no! Please don't stop harassing women in their DMs! However will they survive without you?!

    13. And thus, the anti–abortion rights Facebook commenter realized the error of their ways (just kidding, they kept being a walking contradiction).

    14. Wait a minute...

    15. The self-own to end all self-owns.

    16. Just a normal day on a QAnon forum, lamenting the (global, btw) price of oil decreasing.

    17. 🎉🎈 Congratulations! You just discovered the concept of consent!

    18. "So by that logic, we should take care of other people?!?!?!?!?!"

    19. Interesting how the AI chatbot designed to provide scientific and unbiased information provides scientific and unbiased information!

    20. It's you, hi, you're the problem, it's you.

    21. Yeah, why are we always asking for sources from studies that haven't been discredited? We should stop doing that and judge solely by Facebook memes.

    22. Uh oh, no more exploiting poverty to lead young people to their deaths!

    23. I'd love to hear this person's definition of socialism.

    24. That's it, you got it! America was founded on racist valu— ohhh, wait, just saw who wrote this.