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People Are Hilariously Proving How Old They Are With #ImShowingMyAge On Twitter

"I hear all my favorite songs at the grocery store."

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Let's face it: If you were born before the '90s, you've adapted to a lot of changes in your life.


We have COMPUTERS that we can hold in our HANDS, people!

To prove that point, people on Twitter are showing just how "old" they are with #ImShowingMyAge.

Like, you know that moment when you turn on the "oldies" station and it's playing music from your high school days?

#ImShowingMyAge when i almost faint that 80s music is known as "oldies music" now

Like, your favorite songs are muzak now. Sorry.

#ImShowingMyAge 'cause I hear all my favorite songs at the grocery store

Remember when you couldn't make calls while using the internet?

#ImShowingMyAge "Get off the phone! I'm trying to use the internet!"

And there were original movies and songs instead of remakes and covers?

#ImShowingMyAge when I find that I'm saying "the original? or the remake?" about every damned song or film.

And then there were the days...BEFORE REMOTE CONTROLS *scary music sting*!

#ImShowingMyAge “While you’re up, will you twist the knob on the tv and see what is on one of the other two channel…

But there were some great things about growing up "back then," you know? Like finding change in the pay phone.

Kids today will never know the joy of finding change left in the payphone. #ImShowingMyAge

I mean, we went through the time when getting an e-mail was actually exciting.

E-cards used to be a legitimate and poppin’ way to send a birthday card. It’d say “turn your speaker up” and you we…

And gas was only like $1 a gallon.

#ImShowingMyAge when I think back to how much stuff cost when I was younger.

One thing is certain, though: The 2000s will always be just a couple years ago.

It took me awhile to get used to the fact that people born in the year 2000 are no longer 5 years old. You're 17, 1…

So, join me in crying over my waning youth and comment with what makes you say #ImShowingMyAge!

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