A Redditor Asked About The "Funniest Thing A Man Has Said To You During Sex" And The Comments DELIVERED

    "Oopsie-doopsie" is generally not what you'd consider "dirty talk," but to each their own, I guess.

    Have you ever felt like your brain was "shutting off" during sex? You're not imagining it: fMRI scans have shown that our brains are in a sense "taken over" by sexual activity, and that the centers that govern things like impulse control and fear response have a sharp decrease in activity during orgasm.

    So naturally, when Reddit u/lucidpixi asked, "What's the funniest thing a man has said to you during intercourse?" People filled the comments with hilarious stories of their partners — no matter their gender — showing off their "brain shutdown" in real-time. Others just proved that their partners are funny and awkward even when their brains are functioning perfectly fine. Here are some of the best stories:

    We also pulled some comments from here. Oh, and watch out... There's definitely some NSFW language ahead!

    1. "He slipped out and said 'oopsy doopsy' but still in the husky sexy voice. I lost my shit."


    2. "In the middle of fingering me, he pulled his hand out and held up a fist with his thumb between his fingers and said 'got your clit!'"


    3. "He said, 'Someone's coming!' I panicked and said, 'WHO' thinking it was his mom 'cause he lived with his family at the time. He then says, 'ME' and cums. We still laugh about it years later."


    4. "I rolled her over to be on top and she said, 'Autobots roll out' in her best Optimus Prime impersonation. Laughed so hard I went soft, but it was worth it."


    5. "I said 'I love your cock' while sucking him, which he appeared to love since he came after that. But instead of saying 'I'm gonna cum,' he said, 'I'm gonna cock.' We laughed so hard."


    6. "'I love you..r pussy. I meant I love your pussy.' Still with him too."


    "This is how my now wife said it the first time:

    'I love you...fucking you...I love fucking you'

    It's OK babe I heard you the first time."


    7. "He asked what we should eat later. Mid-sex."


    "A man who thinks ahead, I like it."


    8. "One time things were getting hot and heavy with my girlfriend, she whispers my name into my ear, and, for some reason, I still don't know why, I proceed to whisper my own name back into her ear. Extremely sensually. Needless to say, no sex was had that night."


    9. "My boyfriend once said 'oy vey' seeing my tits. I have never let him live it down."


    10. "It wasn’t what he said, it was how he said it. I don’t even remember what he was saying, the issue was that he was doing it in Hank Hill’s voice! We had to stop for a second because I was laughing so hard!"


    11. "The girl told me she wanted me inside her. I was so caught off guard and didn’t know what to say I ended up just repeating it."


    12. "A friend was sucking me and I said his dick looks hot. He was just like, 'Thanks! I grew it by myself!' Had a good laugh on that one."


    13. "Not my story, but this happened to a friend. She was with her boyfriend and mid-intercourse, she said, 'I love you.' He replied, 'I love bacon.' He came out [as gay] some time later."


    14. "After I finished I said with heavy breathing, 'Knees weak. Arms heavy, something something mom's spaghetti.' Now she can't hear that song without laughing."


    15. "My wife and I recently died laughing because as I was cumming I yelled 'Oh! Oh! Oh! O’Reilly!!!' Without skipping a beat, she came with me and yelled 'AUTOPARTS!' I shit you not. Definitely married up."


    16. "I was with my ex. He was on top and I slid his underwear down the rest of the way with my foot and then kind of flung it off the bed. It flew across the room and landed in the seat of a desk chair. He looked at me super serious and still in a 'sexy' voice says, 'Winner winner chicken dinner.'"


    17. "The first time my ex and I were having sex I turned off the lamp by his bed and said, 'And in the darkness bind them.' I was about 80% mortified at the time but we ended up getting LOTR-style rings later as an anniversary gift so it all worked out."


    18. He had those Hue light strips installed behind the bed. It was on green that night. He was on top of me and just having difficulty getting into it. He finally stops and says 'I cant do it. You look like an alien.' Apparently the green light gave me such an odd color it turned him off and weirded him out. I was cracking up. 'Allow me to get my anal probe!' We haven't used the green hue ever again."